Thank you McDonalds

McDonalds never fails to be the in foreign countries.

Arriving in Oporto, Portugal all I could think about was A) I have no idea what the bus driver is saying and B) I have GOT to pee.  (standard)  Then, there it was… the McDonalds.

It was the sign for my stop, and I knew it would have a bathroom. Win-win.  I gather my things, hurry of the bus, walk inside, hurry down the stairs, find the bathroom… but the door was locked.  Perfect.  A man recognizes what I am doing and explains to me (in Portuguese) that I need a key. I walk upstairs and as I am waiting in line I see a young girl searching for the bathroom as well.  The man gives her the same message, and she comes and stands near me in line.  She has on flip-flops and a backpack… so I test the odds and speak to her in English.  Bingo.  Turns out she is a Kiwi!! I was so excited because New Zealanders generally are so laid back and friendly, aaaand  they know how to have a good time.  We go get coffee (not at McDonalds) and I learn that not only is she traveling by herself to Oporto, but we both were Au Pairing in Spain, and were taking the same bus back to Vigo on Sunday.  It was fate.

the beautiful Karen and I

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