Friday was a great day.

  1. I was able to sleep a bit longer
  2. the kids didn’t argue too much with me when I told them to turn of the TV (very rare)
  3. I found out that I was not going to have to take the bus that afternoon to Valencia, a friend of my Spanish family offered to take me because she was going there in the afternoon (thank the lord, ride=no public transportation!)
  4. I saw and OCTOPUS in the WILD!!!!

After playing with the kids for a couple of hours I went out onto the boat with the family. We went around a cape in the Mediterranean Sea just around the shore of Cala Blanca off the coast of Javea.  It was a beautiful day, not too hot and the sea was a very clear aqua/blue, and right before getting in the water to snorkel I was discussing with Javier (my Spanish ‘dad’) how I really wanted and needed to see an octopus since I had yet to see one.  So he said to me “Mary, today I am going to find you an octopus.”

But ohhhhhh no… I was the one that found the octopus.  Which made it so much better.  I was just swimming around and saw something moving below among the rocks… and at first thought it was a fish, so I dove down and looked…and there were tentacles! It was  an octopus!!  I was so ecstatic and knew I should have tried to grab it (since that what I was told to do) but instead I screamed and then got closer and watched it creep under the rock.

I quickly went to the surface and looked around trying to see if someone was neat that I could tell.  No one.  I had to tell someone, because I mean, I HAD JUST SEEN AN OCTOPUS.  I was legitimately squirming. I felt like a little kid.  So i swam back to the boat and told everyone.

They were actually very proud, and Javier swam back with me to try and find it again.  He wanted me to be able to see the ink spew out when you grab them.   However I was completely useless because as a result of my excitement, I had no idea where in the world I had seen it.

I am anxious to find my next one, but I am really glad that I can put a face to the ones I have had the pleasure of meeting… and eating

octopussy appetizer

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