bad day.

For the past few days my head had been itching.  I thought it was either a sunburn, or a dry scalp from lack of conditioning.  So naturally… I conditioned more.  This morning however my head was itching much worse.  I didn’t understand.  The kids were being extra annoying/difficult…giving me a headache, and my head itself was driving my crazy because it was so itchy.

Yesterday I was talking to the British lifeguard at the pool whom I have befriended since my time in Javea and mentioned that my head had been itching and I had no idea why.  She suggested that it could be lice, because she had gotten it the year before when two of the girls at the pool had it.  “Sick,” I thought to myself.

So this morning as I sat playing Uno with the kids for the 9287350912874509th time I decided to go to escape to the bathroom, not only for a break from them, but also to check if it could be the impossible.  It was.  I could see what had to be lice.  WTF.

I immediately started freaking out, the parents were not home, I was absolutely miserable.  I could have thrown all my things in my suitcase and flown home at that moment.  I didn’t know what to do.  So naturally… I did the next best thing to calling my mom, and wrote her and email…wigging, and like the wonderful mother she is she just told me what to do, and not to worry.  However I could not help but worry and curse Spain.  Who gets lice unless you are in the 3rd grade and the red-headed step-child in your class gave it to you?  I just wanted to be home, I was already missing 3 nights of Tribe in Hotlanta, and now THIS.  Ahhhhhh!

I went down and told the lifegaurd my situation and started crying.  She was completely calm, told me it was not a big deal and that everyone gets it and that it is really common to get here.  (Nice to know now).  She offered to go to the pharmacy for me and was so sweet, but then I saw the parents come in so I ran up to the house to tell them.  I told them that I had piojos (lice) and I clearly could not hide the fact that I was freaking out.  They were completely calm and nonchalant, and told me I would live and be just fine.  They even had supplies on hand for me to deal with it.   They acted if I had just told them I skinned my knee.

I started to chill, since everyone had been so calm.  I decided against going to Valencia for the day and staying at home to treat and comb my hair.  I also bought more products to treat the lice, but quite frankly wouldn’t mind dunking my head into a bucket of bleach.  Hopefully all will be well tomorrow.  If not, I am seriously considering getting a hair cut, or maybe pulling a Mulan or Demi Moore circa G.I. Jane.

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