back in jax.

home.  I have been in Jacksonville for  a little over a week and have just finished training at not one, but TWO waitressing jobs.  Immediately after returning home from my weekend in Columbia, I spent four straight days (Mon-Thur) searching everywhere for employment.  I even impressed myself with the effort and time put in.  Not to mention I was hungover from the game-day weekend, jet-lagged,  and sincerely depressed that I was missing my boy Bassnectar in my home town because I had to be up early to job-hunt.  THAT, killed me.  I am getting upset even now thinking of the fact I missed Lorin’s first Florida run and an epic first for Freebird Live AND Jacksonville to be hosting such a huuuuge EDM artist.  Ahhhhh alsn!#@*$!skjdg.  Life goes on though… besides, I technically did hear and see him at Freebird… I stood outside the door for half and hour and watched him set up, and do soundcheck between applying for jobs 🙂


I applied to jobs on Craigslist, spoke with friends, drove around town and applied to places as I passed… restaurants, stores, hospitals for receptionist work, even a tanning salon. I would fill in applications, schedule interviews, and then more applications, and more interviews. Literally back-t0-back. (2-4 being the crunch time- after lunch, before close) And it paid off.

Combined I probably applied to over twenty places in three days, and attempted many others that were not currently hiring.  I applied for anything I knew I was capable of doing, not necessarily wanting to be doing.  My goal was to find work that I could start almost immediately.  And, the first ones that offered, I accepted.  I started training at two different restaurants, one during the day, and one at night… and I really like both!  Honestly, even during training I was still looking for other part-time or full-time work to make sure I found the right fit (hours and money wise).   I also did not consider “training” actually working.  As far as I was concerned, until I was on the schedule, making that paper, cashing checks, I was still unemployed.

Even though I have been looking for jobs that are not within my degree, I have learned some things that I know will help me out when I do.

So far, I like the people I am working with and working for, so… fingers crossed, both work out.  Now all i have to do is rock them!

I start Friday night.

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